Beton Form is the UK and Ireland Agent for Prinzing Gmbh who with progress and creative capacity for innovation Prinzing have over a 140 year old history. In the early days of the company metal fabrications were the mainstay but this changed at the beginning of the 20th century.
Since 1907 Prinzing's emphasis has been the manufacturing of moulds for the concrete industry and subsequently production machines for wet and dry cast (including self compacting) concrete products.
The machinery range covers the production of reinforced and unreinforced concrete pipes, large diameter pipes(circular and ovoid), manholes, manhole bases, gully's, septic tank rings, monolithic septic tanks with or without internal walls, palisades, cisterns, window sills, lintels, wall caps, cable troughs, "u" channels, box culverts and staircases.
Together with fully automated handling systems Prinzing now offer a complete modular program for the production of precast elements, which in turn can be adapted to each individual customer's request either for small and medium quantities, as well as large quantity production systems for the manufacture of various concrete products.

With their Prinzing Atlas machine one company in Ireland currently produces dry cast, a water tight, unreinforced, free standing on its base, a 1700 litre rainwater tank 3.0M Dia x 3.0M Deep (21.2m³) with a 100mm wall approx every 1 ¼ hours.